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11:00am, 6:05pm Alaska Standard Time
1:00pm, 8:05pm Mountain Standard Time
3:00pm, 10:05pm Eastern Standard Time

7:30pm Alaska Standard Time
9:30pm Mountain Standard Time
11:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Notes From The Sermon
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The Anchorage Baptist Temple is a "family church.” It is a family in Alaska for many singles and couples who are far from their families. With a small and friendly family atmosphere, ABT has a large number of ministries that help people develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christians. Believing that the Bible is the word of God, Pastor Prevo's preaching and teaching is Bible-centered, practical, and encouraging. ABT is committed to telling people of God's love and His desire to save them. In order to carry out this mission, there are hundreds of volunteer positions for lay people to use their gifts in the work of the Lord's church. If you are seeking to know more about God, ABT is a place for you to do that. If you are a new believer, ABT is a place for you to grow and develop. If you are a mature believer, ABT is a place for you to worship and have a purpose-driven life.